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A sort of fan fiction/story type of thing.

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10/15/2015 6:08:59 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I was thinking of making a new type of style forum. This one would be a sort of thing where I start off with a story and you guys add a paragraph or more to the story.

- You cannot type in your story as an ending.
- You must keep the story moving. It can't be something like, "And then a nuke exploded..."
- You can add only one character as long as you want to and the character fits in with the story.
- You have to keep the story in character.
- You can use profanities just so long as you disguise it like "son of a b1tch' or something like that.
- Anyone can add to the story but only twice.
- If someone names the two first character, their new name must stay the same.
-The names of character must not be stupid like Hungry Joe or Major Major.
- If possible, put a link to a picture of the setting that you want.

The story:

- Main character is the conductor. (Also you.)
- First person story.
Setting: (dunno what the hippie is doing in there...)

It was just a normal drowsy night. Lights moving by kinda fast. The loud rumble of the prime mover. Horn blaring every once in awhile. My engineer (the guy on the right) was just completely focused. It was like he was in his own little world. As we round a curve, a figure became silhouetted with the head lights. He seemed kind of sluggish. My engineer immediately set the air brakes and turned on the bell with the horn. The figure immediately turned towards the engine and started to "trot or skip" if you will. Then that was it. A thump then nothing.
"Gotta dial the dispatcher," the engineer said. "Emergency, Emergency, Emergency, San Bernardino DS, this is BNSF 3920 of M-RicBar-06. We've just hit a person. We are standing by for response, over." Nothing. Just static and silence. "Emergency, Emergency, Emergency, San Bernardino DS, this is BNSF 3920 of M-RicBar-06, over." Still silence.
He looks at me and says, "Should we try Mojave DS?"
"Yeah, why not."
"Emergency, Emergency, Emergency, Mojave DS, this is BNSF 3920 of M-RicBar-06. We've just hit a person. We are standing by for response, over."
"This is Mojave DS, over. Can you please briefly describe the event and follow procedure 2.10 and 1.2 through 1.2.6 of GCOR, over."
"Well, it seems to us that we've hit an intoxicated person, over."
"Mojave DS, we've hit a person, over."
More silence.
While the engineer was fiddling around with the radio, I look out to the tracks before us.
"My God! Hundreds of them. There everywhere." The engineer stops and looks over.
"Damn! Your right!"
Hundreds of the people, all of them were sluggish. I had a bad feeling about those people. One might even think that they are zombies.
"Mojave DS, do you copy, over."
It came to us so suddenly. There was a crash over the radio. Then gunfire.
"This is Mojave DS. We're gonna need to sign off. Believe it or not, there are zombies out here, over."
"That lying son of a b1tch."
"I believe him."
"Did I ask you?"
As much as I wanted to retort, we must of hit another person or zombie, because the was a sudden bump.
"Release the brakes, damn it! We can't stop now!"
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10/19/2015 8:27:14 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Why not"
"If we stop, those things can get us!"
"So what do we do then. We can just keep going somewhere because we eventually will run out of fuel."
"Well how much do we have left."
"We were originally fueled up to our next stop, Barstow."
"I think we might be able to get something there. Like guns and food."
"Well, call up Barstow DS and see if they got there."
There's the dial tone of Barstow.
"Barstow DS, who is this over?"
"This is BNSF 3920 of M-RicBar-06, over."
"Go ahead, 3920."
"Has Barstow been attacked yet, over?"
"What the hell do you mean, over."
"Seems like zombies attacked us here out where we are, over."
"Damn it! This isn't some prank, is it, over!"
"Were serious. Your town needs to be protected, over."
"This is Barstow DS terminating this transmission, out."
"He doesn't believe us."
"Sure sounds like it. Whatever, I feel like he might do something about it."

At night, Barstow can be as hot as it can be in the day. Hot stuffy air. Then again, it is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Just some cross road town that developed because the interstate system and the railroad. The Barstow Dispatch control center is practically in the center of town. That's where chaos was taking place.
"What did they say?"
"Zombies sir. They said that they were being attacked."
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11/5/2015 4:00:27 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
At 11/4/2015 6:13:06 PM, britkit_francis wrote:

Anyone gonna take part?

Fanfictions died a gruesome death a couple of months ago it seems :P

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