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***Official Autumn Tournament: R4***

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10/27/2015 8:08:51 PM
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Congratulations to the finalists and thank you to all those who have competed thus far. The debates have truly been magnificent! These are the pairings for round four. Good luck, FT and Thett!


All debaters will be given 3 days to select a topic and begin their debate (begin = to accept the debate). If they fail to decide on a topic, a topic from the National Forensic League's (aka National Speech and Debate Association) LD and PF databases will be selected and assigned to them. The hosts will use relevance, fairness, balance, and clarity to choose potential topics from those lists. Sides will also be assigned at random in those cases. If a topic is assigned due to an expiration of the 3-day discussion period, debaters will be given an extra 24 hours to start their debates. Finally, given the odd number of debaters, "bye" rounds (i.e. free rounds) will be randomly awarded to debaters; no debater will be given a "bye" round twice in this tournament.

Since this is the final debate, there are no round/time limits, just so long as the debate is at least 4 rounds long.

All other formatting (voting systems, elo caps, etc.) are up to the debaters to agree upon. Hosts will only become involved in those issues should the 3-day timeframe expire, as well as a 24 hour grace period that will be granted if debaters are hung up on formatting disputes.

If you have any rules-related questions, please query Tej and I in your official tournament PMs. Again, good luck :)


FT vs. Wylted; FT advances []
Thett vs. BYE; Thett advances [No debate held--bye round]


Thett vs. FT


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