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9/25/2010 4:25:14 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Note: I am not going to respond to anything in this thread. This is merely in order not to derail a debate topic, and instead of writing in comments section, I find it easier to make a reference to this link. Thank you for understanding.


First of all, my intention was absolutely not to make any form of personal attack or insult. I sincerely apologize if that insulted my opponent. However, what I did was to say that since my opponent claimed usage of marijuana during her debates here, I could merely demonstrate that it is not necessarily as good as she thinks, and then showed a contradiction of her statements. Is this ad hominem and irrelevant? No. She brought the "benefit" of marijuana up regarding her performance in debates, and I refuted that. I did not insult her personally at all.

Also, yes, the statements are contradictory. Misunderstanding holy books (plural) =/= "many people" misunderstanding Islam. And why did my opponent make a comment about being disappointed with me (comment section)? I never said she had to accept a 60 min. debate. I find it to be a good way of debating, but she answered, when I asked through PM: "Sure but do you remember the exact resolution? Coffee has more health benefits than marijuana, right?"

"Sure" - that is a rather convincing word. My opponent chose it, not I. That is also kind of an insult, then. But I apologize if I insulted her with "contradictions" - definitely not my intention.

And the loss of character space was about 1.300, not 1/5.