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Decisive Battles (History forum update #2)

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11/22/2015 8:15:13 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Starting December I will be opening a thread series in the history forum called "Decisive Battles")

Named after an awesome show on the History Channel. (before it descended into crap). Each month I would be exploring a different country or historical period, and in chronological order go across 4 decisive battles in the country's history. I am going by weekly threads per month, so I only have 4 battles to choose from per country/period/region. I might return to a place in another month but that's undecided.

This months theme (and I mean December) will be on Imperial-Modern China.

Here are the battles I choose to cover and the exact dates of the threads:

Friday December 4th: Battle of Red Cliffs (208 AD, late Han Dynasty)

Friday December 11th: Battle of Talas River (751 AD, Tang Dynasty)

Friday December 18th: Battle of Beijing (1644, End of Ming Dynasty)

Friday December 25th: Battle of Jinzhou (1948, Second-Sino Japanese War/Chiense Civil War)
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