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Mirza/(Thett) - Mirza interview

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12/12/2015 1:46:59 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
(H - me; M - Mirza)

H: How do you plan on taking votes from the people voting bsh1 in this election cycle?

M: I made the decision to run very recently, and have no complex plan to follow. All I wish to do is inspire people to vote for me, and I shall do it with openness about myself and my ideas. He has guaranteed himself many voters nevertheless, for he adds many friends, and has created a seemingly friendly persona on the site, which people tend to be manipulated by, and easily tend to like. There are a good portion of intelligent and determined folks who, like me, can see through pretentious, fake persons, and will refrain from supporting them; in this case, they shall refrain from supporting bsh1, and hopefully those loose individuals will turn to me.

H: What would be your first action as the President?

M: I would immediately resurrect my plans from a year ago, where I was close to being appointed Secretary of Forum Affairs. This means I would find the best individuals to work with me and I would give them tasks that they are best fit to do throughout the term. For instance, I would appoint someone who would work hard to make and keep the dead forums active.

H: How do you plan on working with the American owners of DDO?

M: I have time and time again proven to be excellent in achieving high positions on the site. I was among the first elected officials, where I worked with innomen to solve critical site issues, and was largely successful. I also have experience with communicating with Juggle employees, and I know their personalities better than anyone else. So, working with Juggle will be no issue; I need not any new plan, for I know what is required; and, as the most creative individual in our community, I know making new plans will be as easy as anything for me. In short -- getting Juggle involved will be achieved by none other than me. Anyone who wants them to be involved has no better option than to elect me.

H: About how much better would the site be if it were owned by a European company?

M: It depends, but Europeans are much more spiritually involved with their work than are Americans. An example of the differences is observed in the movie industry; whereas European movies are deep, the characters complex, and the theme spiritual and meaningful, the American movies (not all, but overall much more) are superficial and merely good on the surface. There's a spiritual and cultural difference that is even present in companies, and I am confident that a European company would be more likely to be involved in its product, especially one that concerns other individuals.

H: What would your ideal site look like?

M: Fewer sub-forums would be much better, and stricter moderation would be great. With what we have now, people are free roamers; they enter whatever dangerous zone (i.e., hostile or violating of ToS) and face no punishment. This is inexcusable, and I would do everything that can be done to change this. It would be ideal with a more friendly atmosphere in general, too. Currently we have a situation where friendly, humble people are afraid of being part of the forum or debating activities, simply because the free roamers will do whatever they can to impose themselves over them, and get them out of the picture. This will all be changed with me in charge.

Lastly, I'd want Juggle to make smileys available in forum posts. This feels robotic, and we need clever, warm and deep expressions to make our interactions more lively and interesting.

H: Do you think you can make good steps toward that site in six months?

M: Yes, absolutely. Nothing that is now good will vanish; I'll keep it all alive, and do much more to make everything better. I have more experience on the site than anyone else, and am the oldest active user; I know what works, and what does not work; I know which strategies are effective, and which are not. I also am excellent at reading people, so dealing with them, even Juggle, will be easier for me than for anyone else. I know what must be done, and everyone can safely put their trust and faith in me.
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