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A Conversation with both Candidates

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12/13/2015 8:37:04 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I've received personal messages from both Wylted and Bsh requesting my vote, and - after a short questionnaire with each of them, I've requested they give me permission to publicize the contents of our exchanges. I hope to present both candidates to the best of abilities and then to explain my vote (and hopefully to sway people to take my position).

Well, I know this is a bit late and that the voting period ends in a few hours, but eh. Whatever.
Let's begin with a summary of each candidate's plans and positions
Bsh has a base of people willing to work with him on the various projects he has planned. He intends to make an effort toward reviving inactive forums, creating an official DDO voting guide, and brainstorming ways to improve the quality of discussion on the religion forum. Another goal he hopes to achieve is to improve the quantity and quality of the debates on this site, and he looks to do so by hosting a DDO debating club that rewards members for good votes/debates on a regular basis.
Bsh also seems relatively invested in the tournament system, and he believes that there are improvements that can be made in this area. Finally, bsh hopes to bring about various community-based events to foster a community atmosphere and to help strengthen/build bonds among members of DDO.
I have nothing but positive opinions on these plans. I think bsh's greatest strength lies in his willingness to achieve and to put effort into doing positive things for DDO.

Wylted wants to secure Juggle and bring them back to DDO. He says that he has some business plans he wants to propose. He further offers the fact that he lives near Juggle headquarters and that he could make a personal visit if needed. It is noted that Wylted's proposals would have more impact if he were to present them in the capacity as the community-elected DDO president. Wylted also wants to recruit more intelligent members onto DDO. Upon being asked how he would be doing that, he states that these users would be directly recruited from the religion forum.
I don't necessarily agree with the implications made by the latter portion of his plans, but I think Wylted brings with him a lot of promise, particularly when it comes to Juggle. What he offers has a lot of potential

So before I get into who I've decided to vote for, I'd like to talk about what I think about the presidency. It's true that ultimately, the president doesn't really have power - as many have had loud issues with. It's also true that many of the things that the elected president actually does can be done with or without the title.
I think, however, that there are people who are more willing to invest themselves in the community when the community gives them explicit recognition, and I think that there is nothing really wrong with that.
If someone is willing to go above and beyond in investing themselves on DDO, I think there can only be positive benefits to giving them recognition to further motivate them to do it.

And so, while Wylted gives great promise in terms of Juggle, I'm not exactly sure that it will bring about what he hopes to do. I mean, his plans might work, and he might have some amazing ideas that could cause juggle to re-invest themselves into DDO, but they might not, and I really don't know exactly what his plans are or how he plans on implementing them. I don't know if he'd succeed and quite honestly I prefer the solid results that bsh's presidency brings with him. I know and can foresee the exact results of what bsh will do, and I can say that I like what I see.
And so I'll be voting for bsh. I mean no ill-intent to Wylted with this decision. I know it may stunt his motivation to do things he may not otherwise have done. Regardless of whether or not he wins, I encourage him to still pitch whatever plan he has to the people he says he wants to pitch to (e.g. airmax and other prominent users of DDO)
If he thinks his business plans for Juggle are convincing, then I am confident that his proposal will succeed. I wish him the best.
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12/13/2015 9:27:33 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Thanks for your support, Beginner. I appreciate it.

On a separate note, Wylted--I am pretty sure--lives in Maryland, and Juggle HQ is in Illinois...
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