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DDO ToU Translations

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1/21/2016 10:25:45 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Someone requested this, I just read My Immortal, I'm high as a kite on caffeine, let's do this.

Okay, let's break this down by the stuff you delinquents are doing the most right now.

I call upon the wisdom of Igiss to read you the Discovery rules, which are the standard most forums go by.

1.1 Use of abusive, vulgar, obscene, political, or racist materials
1.2 Trolling or harassing other members of the community
1.3 Advertising, especially commercial advertising, except advertising your own gaming websites or servers
1.4 Adult content or links to it; This also includes any anime that is in any way graphic or pornographic
1.5 Libel, defamatory, threatening materials and any law-violating materials
1.6 Use of copyrighted material without the owner's permission
1.7 Metagaming* and/or powergaming** to gain a roleplay benefit for factions, groups or individuals

2.1 All posts must be in readable English
2.2 Embedded images must not exceed 700px in width
2.3 Signatures must not be larger than 700*250 pixels or 1 megabyte
2.4 Ponies off the reservation will be removed without warning
2.5 Seizure-inducing pictures may be removed without warning.

* Metagaming: When game information outside of what is available in a game is used to give a player an advantage in-game.
**Powergaming: When one character forces actions against another player without giving them the chance to respond, affecting and/or interfering with the other characters roleplay.

Translating Disco into DDO is simple. Observe.

This site is run under Wheaton's Law, which translates to not being a jerk. The community doesn't care what your circumstances are, you have no right to be abusive to that other user/group on the basis of "they are wrong", or "I don't like them". That's a one-way trip to being sanctioned. Attack their ideology instead.

Translating it into English 1A is hilariously easy.

Everyone has a baseline ethos by virtue of being here, but if they claim (and provide evidence for) being a professional in a given field, what they say carries more weight in that field that some new guy.

Translating it into idiot is also easy. If you answer "no" to any of these, consider re-phrasing.

Could you go to jail for saying it?

Would you show this to your mother and say you did it?

Have you gotten up and done something else between reading whatever and doing your comment?

Do you believe that you understand what's going on, OR are you asking for a clarification?

Are you sober?

Okay, answered "yes" to all of the above? Good. Now open a new tab and read Terms of Use. Is your post compliant with them?

Okay, moving on.

The Ten Commandments of DDO.

1. Thou shalt be civil.
1a. This means no attacks on other members
1b. This also means "watch your language"
2. Honor the mods.
2a. They are users just like you who put their names in for consideration for responsibility over their fellow users.
2b. They are also charged with making sure you behave.
3. Nothing here is yours.
3a. It now belongs to the suits up top, who lets the community use it.
4. Thou shalt not advertise your commercial stuff without explicit permission from the suits up top.
4a. That means that the one-shot nonsensical title forum spam from the two Chinese firms is not only against the rules, but eats up valuable bandwidth for actual users.
5. Advocating criminal acts will not be tolerated.
5a. Yes, they assume no liability, but some mom somewhere is going to see that post after her kid does something stupid, and assume that we gave them the push. We do not need another hysteria wave.
6. Stalking is not permitted.
6a. This means that trying to pull a 1.2 is a bad idea.
6b. It also means that threats directed at the person is explicitly forbidden.
6c. Doxing is right out.
7. There are kids and/or those needing things explained to them in simpler words on this site. Moderate what you say accordingly, or provide definitions.
7a. This means that you should try to see if you can get your message across.
8. Thou shalt not steal the words of others without giving them credit.
8a. This is known in academic circles as plagiarism.
9. Thou shalt simply make your argument on the merits of the idea, not on the merits of yourself, personally, or the lack thereof for you opponent.
9a. Yes, he's a sleazy scumbag and you feel that it is your duty to make that fact known. We don't care. On this site, he is a fellow and equal member.
10. Read what you say. Do you feel proud of it?
10a. By this, would you show this to your children, or would you want it included in a history book next to your name IRL?

Hidden 11th Commandment: Have fun.
=Chief Defenestrator=


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