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Bomb caught in Yamen

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10/31/2010 8:42:36 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
The device was carried on a Qatar Airbus A320 from Yemen's capital Sanaa to Doha, the company told the BBC.

There it was transferred onto another Qatar Airways aircraft to Dubai, where it was seized by police.

A second device was found at East Midlands Airport in the UK. Both bombs were hidden inside printer toner cartridges.

Until now it had been thought that both devices had been transported using cargo planes.

The US freight firms, UPS and FedEx, had been used to post the devices, which were addressed to synagogues in the US city of Chicago.

The British authorities says the bomb seized in central England was believed to have been designed to go off in mid-air.

Qatar Airways was unable to confirm which type of passenger plane was used to fly the device on from Doha to Dubai, but said it would have been an A320, A321 or Boeing 777. The firm also runs one freight-only flight a week from Sanaa to Doha.