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Formal Debate Seup - God Squad only.

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3/31/2016 8:56:52 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
This is going to be our standard team debate first round. It needs to be updated. Two things need to be done:
1. Label/add necessary parts and titles.
2. Add the stuff under the titles.
Remember, get rid of the colons on the paragraph.
Let's begin:

Bs"D (Very important. All debate rounds our must start of with this.)

Teams: (I welcome anyone to update the style.)
Pro/Orthodox Judaism (Because that's when we all get together): Yavneh, Rami, Talmid, CapAhab, and Harrytruman (Add youself if I forgot.)
Con(/Could be anything): Whoever accepts, plus 1-4 others who they choose.

The debate is defined as trying to prove that either Judaism (defined as Orthodox) or Christianity (whichever sect Con wants, or a group of sects) is more valid than the other. Teams will collaborate on a Google doc to form arguments, rebuttals, etc., and the team member who accepted will post the shared link.
(Rules go around here. Might have to break up upper paragraph)
Round 1 is acceptance and list of team members; afterwards, each team argues at their own pace (though no new arguments are allowed in the final round).

Hoping for a good debate.