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Jimtimmy Presidential Campaign Platform

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4/11/2016 8:01:37 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
I have run for president before and, as with this year, I was the frontrunner in past elections. Ultimately, I decided to get out of the race in previous years due to time constraints. However, I am once again the front runner this year and plan on becoming president. Here is my platform from a previous election. I am not a flip flopper so I hold the same positions now as I did then:

1.) History Forum- I was the pioneer behind the creation of the history forum. Even the members who dislike me most admit that I was key behind getting it.

2.) Banning- We only support banning in circumstances where it is very obvious that banning is appropriate. NoNo and RussianFish99 both would be examples of this. However, we are willing to consider trials in other extreme cases, where the member in question is not a clear troll but does cause a substantial amount of harm. Izbo10 is an example of this.

3.) Big Issues Reform- As all candidates have pledged, we will be strongly fighting to reform the "Big Issues" to fill the needs and views of the DDO members of 2012.

4.) Creation of a DDO Constitution- We support the creation of a DDO constitution, to protect the rights of the members of DDO. It also will lay out clearly how the banning policy will be carried out and in what situations it applies. There will be more specifics on this to come.

5.) Creation of a DDO Legislative Branch- We support the creation of a legislative branch for DDO. Every 2 months, DDO will elect four representatives that will vote on various reforms. If their is a tie, the VP will break this. After the constitution gets ratified, all members of the DDO congress as well as the president must support any change.

6.) Team Debates- We support and will fight for the creation of team debates. There are various ways that these could work. There will be more specifics on this to come.

7.) Cellphone Verification- We support the elimation of the cellphone verification requirement. We are open to alternatives ways to fight multi accounts for this issue.

8.) Profanities and Forum Censorship- We support eliminating all forms of forum censorship. This includes profanities and all caps posts, which we think should be allowed.

9.) Voting Requirements- We fully support returning voting requirements from 500 posts or 5 debates to 100 posts or 3 debates.

10.) TOS Reform- The TOS can be changed if all members of the DDO Congress and the president agree that it should be.