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---Official March Beginners Tournament: R2---

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4/19/2016 12:43:12 AM
Posted: 2 years ago

Each beginner has been assigned a mentor who will work with them throughout the tournament. If any beginner feels their mentor is putting in insufficient time helping them, they should talk to me immediately so that I can evaluate the situation and possibly seek out a replacement mentor.

In-between rounds, you and your opponent, with the advise of your mentors if you want it, shall select a topic for debate. You may not use a topic previously used in the tournament. You will have 5 days to select a topic and start your debate. The 5 days begin with the posting of the forum thread for that round (e.g. this thread). If, after 5 days, you have failed to pick a topic, one will be assigned to you. The assigned topic will be selected by me from the NSDA PF or LD topic lists, will be no more than a decade old, and will be chosen based on my consideration of its balance, relevance, and complexity. There are only 2 restrictions on topics: (1) no troll topics--what counts as a troll topic is at my personal discretion, and (2) no truisms--what counts as a truism is at my personal discretion.

Also, you are now required to limit your voting periods to 10 days in order to ensure the speedy progression of the tournament.

Mentor-Mentee Pairings

ColeTrain - OreosAreCool, NothingSpecial99
Cody_Franklin - Nivek, Someloser
Hayd - Agha.haider21, EverlastingMoment
Tejretics - TheOregonian, Tyler_Putney

The Bracket and R2 Pairings

1. NothingSpecial (Cole) vs.
8. Someloser (Cody)
-------------------------------------------------- (Someloser) vs. (Nivek)
4. Tyler_Putney (Tej) vs.
5. Nivek (Cody)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (winner of 8 vs. 5) vs. (winner of 3 vs.2)
3. OreosAreCool (Cole) vs.
6. EverlastingMoment (Hayd)
-------------------------------------------------- (OreosAreCool) vs. (The_Great_Amalgam)
2. The_Great_Amalgam (Hayd) vs.
7. TheOregonian (Tej)


Good luck to all the debaters! I hope this is a wonderful learning experience.
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4/19/2016 9:35:03 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Good luck to all
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4/19/2016 10:50:11 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
well poop
I guess I'll have to wait for next month
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