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Cody's Presidential Interview

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12/1/2010 7:48:25 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
This is an "official" invitation to a presidential interview. It will consist of several questions plus follow up questions to expand on answers. The interview can take whatever pace you are comfortable with. The only real guide is that it will end by Monday, November 29th at the latest.

Would you like to participate?

I'm down, dawg.

The Freedom Party's platform was originally stated as...

Is there any change in theplatform over the last 2 weeks and if so, what changes to the platform have been made?

Let me briefly state the revisions to the Freedom Party's platform.

1. Improving the quality of discourse

a. We still advocate a discouraging of spam and troll threads. Given that the rumor of "mod powers" has been sufficiently dispelled, I believe that the best course of action now is to emphasize a "free-market" style of self-regulation whereby members are encouraged--to a far greater degree than times past--not only to report members, threads, debates, etc. that are disruptive to the site and contradictory to the ToS, but also to demonstrate to other members--in extreme cases, at least--that there is or was an issue requiring caution on the part of other members.

b. The possibility of holding a tournament (or a small set of tournaments) is still open; however, given the sketchiness of past tournaments, this would require a lot of planning and oversight. It is by no means guaranteed.

2. Tackling trolls

While we do stick to the platform that the number of trolls needs to be cut down pretty heavily, the whole "commissioning members to expire debates" idea is out. Initially, SAC8 volunteered to be the "head", and I told him that his name was up for consideration. He wasn't particularly patient, and eventually decided to break off and do his own thing. We all know how that fiasco turned out. Ultimately, if there is any debate-taking and let-expiring, it will be in a purely unofficial capacity. Such an agreement has existed informally between members before, and I feel like emphasizing that type of interaction in our community here is probably more true to our platform of Freedom than a formal committee. Admittedly, the whole idea came from my propensity toward trying to be a fix-all. Often times, I'm too much of a perfectionist, not only for my own good, but also for the good of my supporters in the Freedom Party.

3. Enforcing the Terms of Service

Nothing has really changed here. We remain committed to enforcing transgressions against the terms. We'll report to Phil, and let him decide whether it's worth bringing down the Banhammer.

4. Fun

Interestingly, the Party Party's "Fun" platform has encountered some turbulence lately. I prefer to keep the election enjoyable (even if we have to "play politics", as it were). After all, what point does a mock election serve if we don't have a good time pushing through it?

On that note, let me state our stance on this in brief: minimum lulls, maximum lulz.

The ToS (section T) states, "Will follow the following rules while participating on the site. Any disregard for these rules or any of the other terms or guidelines may result in termination of a member's account.

No use of profanities or swear words.
No personal attacks against other members or a member's opinions.
No use of racial, sexual or religious slurs.
No threats or implications thereof."

It seems like the ToS has a lot of wiggle room and personal interpretation. In the most extreme and literal view of the ToS, a single curse word as "sh!t" could justify a perminate banning.

Because there is so much wiggle room, simply stating "we support the ToS" seems very vague. I imagine it is safe to say that you do not support reporting every single swear word (correct me if I'm wrong though). So how does the Freedom party make the determination on which posts should be reported to Phil and which should be bypassed?

First of all, we always censor ourselves when using words like sh*t or f*ck. Many of the people on this site are mature individuals, many of whom are above the age of 18, and many who, referring to the nature of the site, are developmentally ahead of much of their peer group. Second of all, I think that DDO has seen a huge rise recently in the number of personal attacks. I know that Cerebral, for example, is pretty infamous for saying really explicit and otherwise defamatory things about other members. I've even been known to put down a member or two occasionally (See: JimProfit). However, I'm willing to accept the possible consequences of blatantly insulting other members, and my comrades on DDO should be willing to do the same. Personally, I think that we ought to talk to Phil to see what he says about enforcement of the ToS. He knows how we are. We curse. We insult. We mock. If we're all ultimately responsible to Phil for our actions, the best course of action is likely to determine the kinds of standards to which he's holding us. That's the first step my administration would have to take before it started reporting people willy-nilly. Of course, this is only true for the gray areas. In cases, for example, where people are blatantly deserving of reprimand (See: Freedo posting the giant penis), I feel safe in saying that we--meaning all members--know pretty well what we're doing.

There has been a recent influx of members that most of the vocal population called out as "trolls." This includes several that were quickly banned, yet one that has not been banned, however has greatly quieted down (and as of now, has not been on for 4 days). While there have been many comments that many users consider extremely hateful towards women and homosexuals, along with other groups, he also brings some comments that some find only as "provokative" and used to stir up debate and communication.

When it comes to members who "dance the line" would you administration promote a more flexible line (please don't go outside of X, but you won't be reported until you reach X 10, if that makes sense), or a more solid line (Phil said this is a no-no, so BAM!).

I thank you very much for your time in this interview, but we are out of time. Is there anything you wish to add before this interview is finished?

Not at all. I apologize for not answering your last question (I didn't even get get a notification about it when you sent the PM). I do perhaps want to emphasize that the Freedom Party's platform rests more on the side of weighing the amount of trolling and spam against the amount of legitimate content that the user brings to the table. Take Koopin, for example. There's plenty of KFC, but it doesn't at all detract from his contributions to the site.

In fact, it's become something of a meme.
"Wanting Red Rhino Pill to have gender"