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Against Your Own Accord *

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7/7/2016 3:29:26 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
A Question to Non-Abolitionists

What has been proven by recent events?

What has been proven by DK single-handedly assuring the destruction of the Presidency?

Is this your will?

Did you want this to happen?

If not, does DK deserve your vote?

To all the rampant non-Abolitionists: can you still support him?
Skep: Have you ever wanted to troll a blind dating thing and pretend to be one of those 'I'm not religious, I'm spiritual' people?

Me: I mean... I identify as a Spinozian pantheist... is it really trolling?

Skep: That's not the same thing. You're just autistic. These people are retarded.

"I love that you dress in repp ties, tweed jackets and khakis."