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My last say on the Referendum

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7/14/2016 2:10:25 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
I truly believed in Wylted. More specifically, I believed in Zmike and his plans for DDO. He was the one who convinced me to vote for Wylted. He had plans to communicate with Juggle, to increase site traffic, he had a graph to show me the number of votes per debate and how they decreased over the years. He was passionate.

Wylted seemed alright. And while I believed in Donald before, the hard work that Zmike showed me, his dedication, I just couldn't ignore it. I wish I could've seen Mikal and Rosalie's pms before I voted. I wish I knew he didn't take the presidency seriously. Course, there was his endorsement of Bench. But maybe he changed his mind and wanted to lead us.

I want the presidency. I still think it's a worthwile thing. But I want to improve the site with the coming months and if the abolishment will help bring serious and dedicated members to communicate and come up with ideas to improve the site, then for now (until another referendum on presidency), I will support it.

I've talked to Airmax and he says he 'recognises' the referendum. I still don't think it's actually official, but if the community of DDO believes in it, then that's what they've chosen.
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