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Refusing to Recognise Wylted

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7/14/2016 5:58:50 PM
Posted: 8 months ago
Here's a proposal for everyone who is interested in abolishing the presidency and wants the status quo to change: simply refuse to recognize Wylted or any form of presidency. The logic is pretty simple:

As long as solid segment of the site wants abolition, all we need to do is not hold elections every six months and not elect a president. The absence of a president has no impact on the lives or user experience of anyone that's not interested in it. "Drama" is not an excuse because if it's truly the desire of the royalists to minimize drama, they would simply not participate in it. Instead they created the biggest drama the site has ever seen by dividing the members into pro-presidency and anti-presidency camps. Wylted is selling the Kool-Aid and an astonishing number of people are actually buying the line that he, master troll of DDO is on a righteous crusade to end drama once and for all. I suppose he also promised some cheese from the moon and a tour of the galaxy to go along with it.

If you want the presidency to be gone, simply do not hold elections every six months, do not elect a president, and do not continue as before. Neither Wylted nor the royalists have any leverage to diminish your own experience on the site. Ignore the "pro-presidency" movement. If they want the presidency, they can participate in presidency-related matters. My guess is they'll probably come around. For the ones that don't, no big deal.
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