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DDO Leader talks

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7/30/2016 6:32:43 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
"free speech" a right granted by politics - HIDES the inherent right of an entity(person) of speaking.
"money" translates into how much exploitation is in you hands.
"work" what you do to have enough money to live.
contract between employer and employee: employer let me exploit you I will give you sweets - employee mmm I like sweets ok.
employer takes employee's work gets more value than gave to employee.
"why" so that all can share in exploitation.
Is exploitation is inherently evil and that is the true basis of money.
I know the idea of money is perfectly sound, it is the fact that it has been corrupted and is now deployed as POWER.
Now you try doing anything that requires a lot of entities "serious" attention without a lot of money. Don't bother it doesn't matter how good a single idea is, if money doesn't take an interest it will die!
Now let us be very clear I am not political, I do not want to lead.
I too have had amounts of money, worked, built businesses and tried with all of my might to be normal! Inside I have never felt that the world "right", Thought my life I have been bombarded with images of harm, been damaged by money exploitation, been rule by people I cannot talk directly to. BECAUSE I did have enough money. That to me is the removal of my right to free speech caused by the corruption of money.
Thanks for reading so far.
My intention is to use this site to find out if my ideas (such as the ones above) are valid. If I find them valid, I will not stop speaking about them for the rest of my life. To me my only power is this what you are reading. However just because I speak does not mean you listen, you do exactly as you please - all tho I value just as much - it is of no concern to me!
This translates into the curious behaviour you are witnessing.

I have been tho the crucible of western life - at 51 years old - I have for the first time have experienced unrestrained fun - on this site - I will not cause harm with intention - so in the body world although I am a tall person I might aswell be a mouse when it comes to physical threat. I don't fight because I don't want to cause harm - not because I am scared or a coward. This forum contain a unique set of features.
1. A bunch of entities having fun in a serious/semi-serious/silly fashion with what I see as the only tool necessary for us to find the right people to form a government of all people.
2. The art of debate is a centuries old tradition, used to hammer out the truth! It is honorable, right and just to way establish the truths of life. This tradition allows for an all out fight, with all an entities idea's welded by the power of the mind. This is the only combat which in my opinion can be called honorable.
3. Opinion polls and other idea's that are here all allow for a method for entities to bring whatever idea they have to an arena that will allow that entity the ability to see that ideas value for themselves. I they lose they may realise that they did quite get the question right, their arguments need adjusting, all the time this is going on wisdom is being created.
4. I state what is here is of value as it is, however this "space" is endangered territory. Necessary maintenance work cannot be carried out because "ownership" is not ours.
5. We need body world money just to do maintenance to stop the rot of the very ground you stand on.
6. The exploiters of this site Juggle Inc are unreachable, not interested in you and what you do.
7. The very fact that you are here adds to the value of this site. Juggle will benefit from that while they are in control. Every idea and all the value you create here is not yours.

Sorry - I do not want to lead I have a much larger responsibility to all entities of the world. I would like this space to be disconnect from body world completely. I would like a virtual world government that has the right of all entities central to their minds. Not money, power and other forms of corruption but us, you, me, trolls, children, professors, plumbers, rock stars. This government only stand will it can fight and win against all other voices, every person has the right to be heard in government and if their voice is true in the debating chambers of government, then it is right that, that government changes according as that idea is valid. None of this can happen in the body world, there are too many pressures, from too many sources, too much negativity. However if it was possible to establish a virtual world that holds only one allegiance and that is the future of all entities. Then it would be possible for all minds to correctly establish the truth in the crucible of debate.
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8/1/2016 1:07:03 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Great points here. I'll take a stab at clarifying as I see them. I think DDO is, wtf, amazing for debate and, to me, (probly a lot of users agree) that's the crux of life. If you can't justify what you believe and stick to it then you're living wrong.

I'll also agree that the polls and opinions sections aren't innately a bad thing. With a lack of staffing and financial help these areas are just difficult to manage so a lot of undesirable content gets thru.

A money/power dynamic has created problems for the site. When you work hard someone's cashing a check and shorting both the workers fighting for it and anyone trying to maintain an amazing hobby spot.

I think a focus on solutions should be out front when people start talking about site problems.

The presidency was called out as a popularity contest/impotent dictator (even while there have been many excellent contributors and elections are hella entertaining). So many users contribute and influence the site without a title, I think the abolition movement was a collective objection to the inability of users to effect change on the site but we obviously can change.

I'd like to vote on some constitution/mission statement/code of conduct or even a meme (I support a site government). I'd do it but wth am I *looks around for Thomas Paine type veteran*.

- TL;DR.

We can improve by crowd sourcing. Random executives will benefit but so will debaters/forum users (poll and opinions can too but that's not why I'm here). That's where we're at imo.
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8/1/2016 2:39:53 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
At 8/1/2016 1:31:09 AM, imabench wrote:
the f*ck are you even trying to say dude?


No fake president (congrats on your campaign)" so I"m suggesting we make a real site constitution. I think a site government was a good idea so give it another shot. Hell, write one yourself. I"ll vote and either way it"s a show.

Juggle has limited DOO resources (that"s the word) so it"s difficult to improve problems. Since we all enjoy the site we can figure out a solution that we can work toward ourselves or at least go down swinging.