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The HeavenlyPanda Olympics

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8/4/2016 1:12:26 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Sign up here for the HeavenlyPanda Olympics. The HeavenlyPanda Olympics are a series of challenges you'll have to complete and you will be judged by HeavenlyPanda. If the crowd likes you, that may help with how many points you accumulate. When you win, you shall be awarded.
Here are the events.

1. Find The Sentence Challenge
You will all be given a sentence and the first one to post the link from where it came will win the challenge.
2. Debate Challenge
Competitors will debate and those that win shall be awarded points.
3. Poem Challenge
Create a poem, it can rhyme or be free verse and the audience and I shall judge.
4. The Burning Challenge
Competitors have gotten to know each other somewhat and shall now use that knowledge to burn each other with insults. The person who is the wittiest shall win the challenge. Those that are not witty enough will be kicked out of the challenge one by one until there is a winner.
5. The Mystery Challenge
It's a mystery...

1. Forfeiting counts as an automatic loss.
2. You can work on the poem challenge at the start of the HeavenlyPanda Olympics
3. Whoever has the most points when the debate challenge comes up will be paired with those that had the least and shall be the ones who decide the topic.
4. Those from the audience that like a competitor can suggest to assign or take away points by doing [+1] or [-3]

Point System
1. If I catch a grammar or spelling mistake in all but the burning challenge, it will be [-1]
2. Points range from [+10] to [-10]
3. [+10] Exceptional [-10] Terrible
4. Winners get [+10] every time
5. Loser get [-3] every time
6. I will assign points in the challenges if I like something or something is suggested.
7. Suggest points becuase I'll most likely assign them if they are for a good reason, so state your reason when you suggest a point.

I will explain each event as they come up. If you have any questions, ask.

Sign up here

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