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DDOlympics Team FanFic Fire and Think:

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9/11/2016 4:52:40 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
This is for the DDOlympics fan fic, from ThinkBig and I. I hope everyone enjoys it. The title is: "The Death War"

One day Fire and ThinkBig were walking around the borders of DDO. After the meteorite and comet explosion in DDO, DDO was 1/2 the size smaller than what is usually was. Also DDO was now very inactive. Many were hurt and dead from the mighty explosion. Many also fled to edeb8. Juggle cared for the site for 3 months, and in the end left also. So most people went to edeb8, because there were no bugs there.

When Fire and Think were walking their way to the DDO forum, they saw that there was a speech from airmax. "... in this speech, we will be talking about the recent kidnappings of DDO. We know the kidnappers are called, "restracks". They will probably kidnap a few more users, and make DDO fall. There are now around 40 active people in DDO. The exact number is 43. There were 5 kidnappings from the active members, so there are only 38 members left. The kidnappings were lannan, hayd, famous, tej, and missmozart."

Fire and ThinkBig were listening, and suddenly some people knocked them out cold.




They finally opened their eyes.

Lannan: "Where are we?"
Tej: "How should we know. We were kidnapped right there in **** DDO.
Famous: "Tej, there is no need to be pi$$ed of at lannan. What good is there to argue? Do you remember anything about the secret society that kidnapped us?
Missmozart: "I saw the name. It was, "restracks""
Hayd: "Okay, now we at least know the name of them.


Fire and ThinkBig suddenly lied down in the sand of the room.

Tej: "Two more. Cheers."
Fire: "I found a okay hint. I was seeing how long the drive was. It was around 20 minutes, then I heard the boats, then like 1 hour later, a car came, and 2 minutes later I landed here.
Think: "Does anyone know the name of the islands here?"
Famous: "DDO, Edeb8, restrocko, and few others that I don"t know about, I was only in this place for 11 months.


Taj landed in front of them.

Tej: "One more. Cheers."

Taj: "Did you just see that dude"s muscles? He"s really strong, probably more stronger than YYW himself!!!"

YYW was one of the strongest men in DDO, muscles ripping around. If they were stronger than him, they were undefeatable.

Hayd: "Maybe that"s why when I used my double chopping banana kick, he didn"t fall down."

Fire: "Wait, I have a plan!!!", and he told his plan.

The plan was ready.

A soldier: (Opens the door) "Here is your lu". Oof!!!!"

He got roasted by Hayd"s double chopping banana kick.

Fire: "Let"s get out quick!!!"

Him and thinkbig ran as fast as they could, and when out. When Hayd tried to go out, he was blocked by 3 guards. He tried to his banana kick, but it got reflected, and he got a punch in the nose. Hayd fell, groaning.

Fire and ThinkBig were waiting for them to come out, but they saw the 3 guards, and Hayd"s failed banana kick

ThinkBig: "I guess saving them is up to us now."

And with that, they went out the building to see where they were.



Bsh was waiting in the town hall, when he got a call.

Bsh: "Who is this?"

Fire: "Hello Bsh!!! We escaped after they kidnapped us!!!!

Bsh: "Wait, Fire!!! And who is next to you?

Think: "Me bsh, ThinkBig!"

Bsh: "Oh ThinkBig!!!

Bsh: "So, where are you?"

Fire: So let"s explain a bit. First of all, we are in an island.

Bsh: "Where? Which Island?"

Think pushed Fire and said: "We are in north of DDO."

Bsh: "More specfic? To 249 islands, that sums around to 59 islands north of DDO.

Think: "East of Edeb8 also."

Bsh: "Okay, that sums up to around 21 islands."

Fire: "And West to, uh", let"s see, um", Pugna Verdome"."

Bsh: "Sums up to 11 islands"

Think: "And Sime Prisk in south of us""

Bsh: "Sums up to 3. The three are Pigna Threshyu, Yujaka Lokifed, and Restracky Sretyusi.

Fire: "We think it"s the Restracky one. Missmozart said to us that the place name here is restracks."

Bsh: "Okay guys, don"t get caught, and we"ll go soon."

Think: "Bye!"
Fire and ThinkBig were now walking across the damp land, they were out of the castle, and was near to the forest.

Fire: "Hey, do you know how to build a fire."

Think: "Hey, you are FireWings, you should know how to do it with your wings.

Fire: "Fine!!!"

He pressed the button in his clothes, and his wings appeared.

Think: "Woah!!! It was such a long time since I saw those wings. Can you fly?"

Fire: "Yup. Look at this."

Fire was flapping his wings so hard, and in the end, it was on fire.

Fire: "Pretty cool, isn"t it?"

ThinkBig: "Yup, that"s probably why you"re called firewings

Fire: "Yup, and you are ThinkBig, that"s why you thought of the idea.

RINGA RINGA LINGA RINGA"""""""""""""""""..

Fire picked up his bluetooth wings thing he got as a present in DDO

Fire: "Excuse me?

Hayd: "Fire, is it you? I saw I had my old 2G phone in my pocket. Missmozart escaped, and she will come to you.

Think: Wait what? Missmozart came out!!!! How?

Hayd: "It was loley. The guards came and gave us whippings. One guards was giving whipping so hard, that my back hurt so much, and when he was walking back to give Tej whippings, he tripped on Tej"s foot. His keys fell out, and the door guards was getting it. I banana kicked the keys out of the tripped guards hand, and put it in the end of the other side of the room. The door guard gave me some whippings, and called me, "a stupid no-brainer.", and that was when I saw Missmozart running out of the door. The door guard was picking up the keys, and that no-brainer didn"t even see Missmozart out the door. Both didn"t, and none of them knows that Missmozart escaped. Call me when she"s to your side."

Fire and Think were waiting, and around 10 minutes later, missmozart came rushing out, with branches all on her hair.

ThinkBig: "Finally you"re out."

And, the ship came.

Bsh: "You coming?"

Fire: "Yup!!!"

Fire, ThinkBig and missmozart ran to the ship, and hopped on, and sailed there way.


Bsh said in the conference room: "So, what was it like?"

Think: "Did you ever read the 39 clues book about the Vespers, and how the Cahills got captured like them? I felt the same as that, it was a sandy room, and I think they copied that, it"s so similar. I thought if I was there for one more week, I would certainly die."

Bsh: "Are the others okay?"

Missmozart: "Hayd is okay, as I can see from his banana kicks, and Tej is grumpy, I dunno about the rest. But no one"s dead, and that"s the main important thing that we need to care."

Bsh: "Okay, we will tell you about DDO. We kept all spammers outside to make it slower for the Restracks to come in. And we made a big thread which is in the red topics, and we made guards to secure the place, and CCTV cameras almost all over the place, and we made a big room with lots of guards where the people stay. There is a stage, and I want you guys to sit in the stage, as you"re going to talk about the place.

ThinkBig: "Oh, faithful ThinkBig will be on the side, and not care about the screamings and beatings!!!!"

Bsh: "Then let"s go, shouldn"t we?"

Bsh, Missmozart, Fire and ThinkBig were now walking to the big thread, and bsh said to them, "You can always be here, or the debate of Gun Ban, because it is a very safe debate there. But there are more people in the thread, and I prefer the thread.

ThinkBig: "Yup, we"ll go to the thread."

Missmozart: "Confirmed."

Bsh, Fire, Think, and Missmozart came to the thread.

ThinkBig: "Toot Toot!!! Everyone act good!!! The Boss is coming!!!"
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9/11/2016 4:53:11 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Then there was silence in the room.

Bsh: "Now, we are here for a very serious matter. About the kidnappings. These ones have escaped, Fire, Think, and Missmozart"."

Missmozart: "Why the hell does bsh need to say that at least 1 million times every single day?"

Bsh: "... And the saving mission. We need a crew for the mission. We"re going to have around 100 members for the mission, and we need two other ships each with 30 people for extra. There will be me of course, as the main ship head, Thett and 16K will be head of each of the others. Because they might attack us here, all the people in the religion forum will come here to help, and the people in other forums. Whiteflame will be here, and he will be the head of here for right now. Airmax will be also here for extra. Fire, Think, and Missmozart will be in my ship, as they are the one"s who know the place, as of missmozart"s instant remembering brain, it will be easy.

Missmozart: "I have already memorized where the captives are held."

Bsh: "Okay, now we can just go in, and make them in mercy, and they will be in the DDOJAIL for their rest of the lives, and we will destroy the island, and make them all disappear. Now, are we ready?"



"CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Bsh asked

"YES I CAN." Shouted Missmozart.


And they went.

Fire: "Okay guys, now we really have to be quiet, as now we are on the island."

Brontoraptor: "I just want to be on the religion and politics forum, I have no reason to even be here."

Dwesjtj: You can buy this product JUST for 19 dollars, when it was 39!!! It is the best sunscreen in the whole world.

Akaks1125: Buy this!!!

Agjjfnr9395: "1840305969403njdfkkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkf840305969403njdfkkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkf840305969403njdfkkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkf840305969403njdfkkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkf840305969403njdfkkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkf840305969403njdfkkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkf840305969403njdfkkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkf840305969403njdfkkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkf840305969403njdfkkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkfkkf"
Bsh: "I certainly made the lamest mistake of bringing the trolls and the spammers, it"s really difficult to even do this with them."

Fire brought out his gleaming in fire sword. "Should I kill them?"

Bsh: "I thought I was the only one who brought a sword, and he showed his gleaming diamond and gold blade."

Think: "I brought a hook.", and it looked like a hook with a question mark. "Extremely sharp."

Miss: "I brought my piano which you should cover your ears, and it will make them deaf. Here, I will give you earmuffs, and wear them always." And she handed them ear muffs.

It turned out that there were around 30 more members who had brought their swords.

Then suddenly, three soldiers came out. They were dead in 8 seconds. Bsh killed one from his sword, Fire cut one"s head off with his sword, and missmozart made the last one deaf, and someone in the crowd shot a machine gun at his eye.

Bsh: "Uh, okay, we"re ready to fight. There will be 3 teams. Fire will do one, I will do one, and YYW will do the last one. ThinkBig will be in my side, and missmozart will be with Fire, and YYW doesn"t need one because he can just bash everyone"s heads." "Okay, now let"s go!!!", and they went.

Fire: "Okay, missmozart, so what"s the way?"

Missmozart: I"ll head the way. Up 3 stairs, right, left, right, right, straight, right, straight, left"."

Missmozart came to a halt. "Okay, it is somewhere""

And she couldn"t finish the sentence, and she fell, and there were around 300 soliders in front of them.

Subutai: "We are total cr@p."

The next few minutes were a blur. Fire with his sword killed as much as possible, and he counted at least around 50 soldiers already. He got hit in the head lots of times, and he took at pan from a soldier, and smacked it into someone"s else's head. The person fell, and the pan cracked.

Missmozart was using her bauble to blind, and using her mini-piano, and killed many. She also brought her dagger, and was stabbing a lot. She was very hurt, and there was a big gash near her cheek.

Then all of them were dead. They only finished the first step of going, but they were so tired.

Missmozart: "Can we just quit"

Bsh: "If we quit, that means we have to go out"

Fire: "Which means of losing everyone"s lives."

Missmozart: "Oh, fvck it. I guess we just have to go.


Hayd: "What are all the noises outside?"

Tej: "I"m seriously tired of being in here. This is so boring in here, and I just want to get out."

Famous: "Hopefully the DDO users are coming to save us."

Lannan: "They aren"t that kind, they"ll just stay in DDO."


The door opened, and Bsh came.

Bsh: "Now hurry up, and come!!!!"
Fire: "Come!!!!"

Lannan: "Yes!!! Let"s go."

Jifpop: "Not so fast."

Hayd: "Oh fvck it."

And in front of them were almost all of the Restracks.

Bsh called: "16k, call thett and you, and come here very quickly."

Missmozart: "I guess we have to fight every single one of them"

YYW said somewhere down. "Then Let"s fight them"

Jifpop: "Wait, Wait, we aren"t here to fight. We"re here to talk."

Then Airmax came.

Airmax: "Well, well, you don"t have the right to talk, as you got banned."

Jifpop: "I don"t have the right to get banned. I have the right to get talk!!! Freedom of speech, and it was a tie debate!!!!"

Airmax: "But they still banned you."

Jifpop: "That"s why I killed Innomen and Bluesteel with my crowd."

Airmax: "Wait, it was you?"

Jifpop: "Yes, yes. Now I will kill you too."

YYW came and holded up Jifpop.

YYW: "This ain"t going to happen like that."

Jifpop: "Wait, wait!!! Even edeb8 is in my side!!!! Larz is here, and izbo, and all of them!!! DDO will never win this war!!!!"
16kadams: "At least we can kill you." He shot the gun, and it hit Jifpop.

Jifpop: "Ki" Kill them. Kill them all." And he died.

Then the death War was started.

ThinkBig had finally kill the last one. "Is that it?"

Bsh: "I guess so."

The floor was terrible. It was once perfectly clean and polished marble, but now it was full of armor, blood, and people dead. The other side had tons of dead people, in fact, they were all dead, and in the DDO side there were tons of people dead also.

Fire: "At least we won."

Harder: "This should come out in the yearly Stupid: Jifpop makes a big one."

Then they sailed the boat back to DDO, for peace forever. But really peace forever? Nope, there were still things coming.

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9/11/2016 4:57:02 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
I LOVE IT!!! :D Well done guys!!
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9/11/2016 8:52:40 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Knowing me, if I'd been in Hayd's position of "being whipped", I'd probably try to make it as comfortable as possible for the guards.

"Oh my, you'll have to hit me harder than that." *wink*

*gets whipped again and stops trying to make the guards uncomfortable*
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9/12/2016 8:56:28 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
At 9/11/2016 8:52:40 PM, Vaarka wrote:
Knowing me, if I'd been in Hayd's position of "being whipped", I'd probably try to make it as comfortable as possible for the guards.

"Oh my, you'll have to hit me harder than that." *wink*

*gets whipped again and stops trying to make the guards uncomfortable*