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Economics help

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7/1/2011 3:06:42 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Apparently, I will be needing these books for the next year and I wanted to get a start ahead on these. Can someone please tell me somewhere I can get these online, even a few pages would do since I just want to get a feel of the books, to set the tone for the lessons.

Or if anyone can give some opinion on the author, outline their outlook or just about anything on them would be helpful:

1. Karl E. Case and Ray C. Fair (2002), Principles of Economics, 6th Edition,

2. N. Gregory Mankiw, (2002), Principles of Economics, Thomson.

3. J.E. Stiglitz, and C.E. Walsh (2002), Principles of Economics, 3rd Edition

4. R. Stone and G. Stone (1962), National Income and Expenditure,
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7/1/2011 1:40:48 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
At 7/1/2011 9:30:47 AM, gerrandesquire wrote:
Are these really obscure books or authors or something?

Just a small suggestion. I have no idea about economics. I do know a lot about Indian colleges. It is unlikely you will be covering three 'Principles of economics' in a single semester. Contact some senior in your college and ask them about books which you really need for the course.

Of course you should read other books also as per your interest...
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7/1/2011 2:32:56 PM
Posted: 6 years ago

you're welcome
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