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Askbobs Thesis

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12/11/2011 12:23:47 PM
Posted: 6 years ago

So basically it's summarizing a method to maximize profit using the Roth 401k method, then switching to the traditional 401k method after retirement. Also is stating the great amount of variables required to complete this.

He then attempts to go into detail about the method of the paper, which I will now continue reading.

After a few pages into the paper it discuss interest relating with the economic method of the paper.

He then gives the equation for calculating monthly payments.

He then discuss the various variables referenced in the introduction.
-Tax rate at withdrawal

Then he proceeds to give a scenario analysis.

After, he briefly discusses Social Security Taxation, Trial after tax annual payout (per each scenario), followed by a key for the variables.

He then describes Annual Switching Point factors.
-Roth Factors
-Social Factors

Next he gives an examples of scenario analyze.
-Balances in Traditional 401K at retirement
-Balances in Roth 401K at retirement

Then he provides a chart of each scenario.

Then he briefly discusses Tax Diversification, followed by his conclusion.

My thoughts

This is a very in-depth paper discussing how to maximize profits, although I didn't understand some of the equations.
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