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World War 2 and the Great Depression

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3/7/2012 9:44:52 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
In history class, my teacher declared that the massive spending provoked by World War 2 is what pulled the U.S. from the Great Depression due to the fact that it provided jobs for Americans so that they could save money so that when the war was over, they could purchase household goods.

Now I've been arguing with him and my friends claiming that had there not been a war the economy would have been in a much better state by war's end, since the government was essentially purchasing useful resources and material at horrendous prices then essentially wasting them by making them into useless war equipment. My friend is still relentless, can somebody give me some more info, sources, arguments, etc that I can dish out to him? He's brainwashed to the point where he actually openly admits that spending labor and money to build bombs, and then blowing them up is good for the economy, and I'm not putting a slant on that, that's what he said word for word, because it got money "flowing through the system". I'm at my nerves end here.
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