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Policy Development Program

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7/18/2013 12:17:38 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
So I'm an american living in Canada, and a friend of mine who is in the Liberal Party Of Canada has approached me to give a speech to the Young Liberal Wing, and asked for my advice on infrastructure development. My suggestion was quick: build an infrastructure bank, that way no taxes on businesses makes them happy, we make money off of the rate of returns by said investments, people benefit from it (less costs to vehicles for example) and infrastructure development is something both Liberals and Conservatives can agree on, because it carries such huge benefits.

Problem is I need some help: he;s brought up some legitimate questions I cannot seem to always answer, and was hoping to get you guys to weigh in on this ...

What is the "potential" rate of return on this? And what happens with the bond market as a result? Do we have any examples of this happening before?

And furthermore, will this lead to more debt? Or will this actually help save money on the budget?

Any ideas folks?
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