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Global Cooperation Multinational bussniess

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1/29/2014 1:03:36 PM
Posted: 4 years ago
Corporate Creativity

GLoobalcooperation AB
Weapon Industry, Skype mobile AB, SIM and Bank CARD

research and medical development of active substances THC, CBD and CBDV

Operating Systems for PCs, tablets and mobile phones.
companies valued up to 1600 billion and affects 3-4 billion users.

Smart Mobile Banking AB

Produce SIM card with two functions in the form of bank and telephone cards. Where you simplify to get access to a more personal phone and bank. Where your services in the banking and telecommunications market expanded.

Skype mobile AB

Creating IT master for IP telephony to reduce the cost of entertainment and the sale of services. Expanding 4G network usage. Create IP phones that offer a lower net price and cheaper sales. 00:40 penny minute 0.20 for income. Subscriptions for 299: - Plus 4g Mobile

Multimedia Messenger Computer Bracket AB

Operating Systems for IT technology such as mobile phones, computers and tablets. Where the system is based on a simpler technology and access to a media PC. Full of media, music and literature, and chat systems. Even till"tav"ndare use open source software to make and improve programs. Where the computer also can be adapted to the gaming machine computer as a console with 4 different game dosages for better performance and contender for Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo.

Natural AB

A research on the active ingredients in medical marijuana. As THC, CBD, CBDV and extract out the plants for anti-bacterial health drink.

Cannabis AB

An industrial cannabis manufacturing sales on an open cafe. In order to offer more entertainment options to Swedish nightlife. Through the privatized pharmacy chains. Where consumption and sales could occur.

Weapons Production

Production of Secure Trade and semi-automatic weapons. For sale in Sweden and Exported goods. Even regulate the laws of form in compliance with government and parliament. Proposals that you must be over 25 years of age and have an ID card that can identify owners and gun numbers.

Gaming AB (Diablo MMORPG and Naruto Sipphuden MMRORPG GAME DEVOLOPEMNT)

Fabricate a Diablo MMO
Several classes:
Shadow Warrior (Shadow Skills, Sword Master, Berserk)
Wizard (Dark magic, Light magic, Elemental)
Shaman / priest (Vodoo, Elemental, Healing light and dark)
Amazon (Spear / Java Master, Bowexpertis, Stealth )
Assasin / Rouge (Master of trap and shadow, Daggers and knife, Shadow Skills)
Paladin (Holy Paladin, Dark Paladin, Aura master)
Necromancer / Undead (Revive, Unholy Magic, Poison)

Storyline as a wanderer through the Church to the world, through the heavens, the universe and the devil. (Decard cain)

Have 7 different landscape in the form of a sub-world, several different landscapes and cities. Waypoint travel through acts and places.

Group and single quest. PVP and PvE possibilities.

Specc tree in the form of step 3 and over 20 builds.

Naruto Sipphuden

Seven nations, Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Storm, Sand, Sound

Shinobi different classes with different fighting combos in various classes as Close - mid range and wide-range combat.

Group quest and single quest and battle / pvp.

Story line in the form of series.