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Be certain to not fall for door to door fra

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3/17/2014 5:36:49 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
Police and news agencies are reporting an increased amount of door-to-door scams across the country. There might be a bigger number of operators attempting to rip people off, so be cautious about everyone knocking on the door and attempting to sell you stuff. Resource for this article:

More cons at your door

According to NBC News, there is an increase being reported nationwide in the number of door-to-door cons, some of which are scamming people out of hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, leaving them at risk of needing to get payday loans to survive.

The salesmen will come to your door and offer you a product for some payment. Then, they will not ever really deliver the goods. There are other things that happen too, but more or less, all of them are salesmen trying to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible without actually providing any sort of service. This is why there has been an enormous increase in grievances of these salesmen to the Better Business Agency recently.

There are a good number of perfectly honest operations doing sales door-to-door, or "home sales" or "direct sales" as they are called in the marketing industry, but one has to keep their eyes peeled.

Magazine cons common

The most common door-to-door scam is a periodical scam. In all of 2011, there were 1,300 complaints, according to NBC News, at the BBB. This year there have already been over 1,000 grievances.

Usually, the con is that the door-to-door salesman will show up and sell a person one or several magazine subscriptions, only for the magazines to never arrive. It's also common for the periodical "sales" to be connected to some kind of fundraiser, often for a high school or some sort of educational trip.

Lamar County, Colorado, according to CBS Denver, the Dallas Fort Worth Area, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and Spokane, Washington, according to KHQ, are all areas where bogus periodical subscriptions have been showing up recently. They are just a couple examples too since there have been a variety of warnings issued in areas.

More scams

You should stay away from home repair frauds and, according to NBC News, "security system" scams. The security system cons sell you a burglar alarm that ends up being really bad or just never arrives just like the periodical cons do.

A variety of high school students and college students are sent around in the summer time to sell periodicals and alarm systems, according to Consumer Reports. Some are legitimate but some are not.

It can be hard to stay away from Girl Scout cookies, so keep away from those too.


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