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Economic Abortion

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5/19/2015 11:59:47 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
when i was younger i believed that it took 2 people to have and raise a child.
i also believed that "dead beat dads" didn't care about their kids.
as i got older and went my own way i realized that most men don't choose to be dead beat dads, and it's the courts and the mothers that bestow this title onto men

Economic Abortion, is the concept that "her body, her choice = her money, her problem" mama's baby, daddy's maybe etc. sign over your parental rights and walk away
now my default position is to support dead beat dads, instead of being against them.

the mother chooses the potential father, the mother chooses to have sex, the mother chooses not to abort, the mother chooses not to put the child up for adoption
feminism won, women are free to work and support their child, and women should be held responsible as adults and handle the consequences of those decisions