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Das Kapital

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6/24/2015 2:19:21 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
So, I've been reading Marx's Das Kapital recently, and i'm actually quite impressed (as well as a little intimidated) by how dauntingly huge his theory was. 4 volumes long (there were 6 planned) with thousands of pages in very tiny font (hell, there were even entire pages dedicated to flipping footnotes), all written in a sort of dusty English from pre-Victorian times. And it doesn't help that Marx's writing style is basically chloroform on paper! But anyways, i'm rambling :P. What I wanted to know was how you guys feel about Marx's theory on capitalism. I would love to hear a second opinion! All are welcome!

p.s.: I'm not here to talk about Marx's view on communism, because honestly (even though I am dirty pinko scum :P) I think that Marx was a great anticapitalist, but a crap communist (i.e. he was talented when it came to critiquing the status quo,but horrible at providing an alternative).