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Chinese Stocks Crash Bit Effect Asian Market

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6/26/2015 5:54:10 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
The last day of the week, China's stock market has been Plummet . China's stock market regulator strictly brokers have seen a sharp fall in the stock market. This morning the open market, as China's benchmark Shanghai index was down by 8 per cent. On the upper level of June stumble Shanghai has 16 per cent. But all this has little effect on other Asian markets. Market experts say that because of China's domestic issue, the Shanghai index is broken. Now the bubble is starting to burst in China's markets as well as the index has declined significantly.

These four reasons, China's market is broken

The regulator's tough stance sharp decline in brokerage shares. Regulator the giants in the margin trading business for illegal activities to which this decline is the stringent measures. While uncertainties remain regarding the policy, although it declined to adopt tough stance in the banking regulator has been monitoring the loan.

During the past month, several foreign brokerage house in its report had expressed concerns about China's equity market. In China, he said, which had become a bubble.

According to Yale University, a Fellow of the price-to-earnings-wise Sitifn rock China market is extremely expensive. So severe market decline.

According to the analyst RMG Wealtmenagment in China IPO hits the market, ie not from failure has frustrated investors. The market is seeing a decline.
Priya sharma
Research Analyst
Pinnacle Financial Services