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Is PISCES a viable economic reform platform?

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7/5/2015 2:07:32 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
This is found at tastetesttrust on blogspot. Any comments are appreciated. Informatic Graphics available on site.

PISCES (Perpetually Integrating Socially Cumulative Economic Strategy) will be used to research and implement the following goal: to start a reaction that will create upward mobility for any and all that have a steady income while creating a perpetually integrated cumulative economy.

How The System Works

Relationships are established with all of the major goods and services entities. Wal-Mart, Nationwide, Toyota, Sprint, etc. etc. Any and all willing to participate are welcome within the Network Market upon approval of their structural integrity.

Consumer Applicants create a socioeconomic landscape via the network input system using every document they have concerning finance and sociological information .

The social landscape is anononymized and assigned a number that is linked to their account within The Network and only within The Network.

The Network analyzes the value of their information based on the projected bids from Commercial organizations for set amounts of socioeconomic information.

The Network assigns the anonymous number a Value (based on their
socioeconomic information) and that Value is the amount of funds that the individual is able to use for goods and services within The Network Market.

The Consumer then circulates that money within The Network and creates more socioeconomic data for themselves thus raising the status of The Network, The Network Market, and The Consumer.

The Network will then be able to assign them more money.