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Hypothetical: Hungary as a Russian satellite

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10/18/2015 12:38:09 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
So, I've been trying to educate myself on economics (I have an art education) and chose to do it country-by-country, learning about different problems each individual country is facing and then reading through the different solutions that have been proposed.

Now, lately I've been reading about Hungary and the unique situation that country is in. Somewhere between East and West, flirting with both and really a sort of wild card.
So, here's my question:

IF Hungary took a hard turn and chose to buddy up with Russian Federation, then what would be the benefits of this move and which economic problems would Hungary experience as a Russian ally/satellite? What would main questions, what moves would solve or at least alleviate some of the pain? How would the Hungarian industry need to change to cope with changing the high-tech markets of the West for large, raw-material-filled markets of Russia and its comrades?