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Non-Government Currency or Money

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12/10/2015 10:40:05 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
As the world waits to see if 12 unelected unaccountable central bankers, might change a target rate by a tiny quarter of a percent. Since, many support government backed currencies as superior, then government enforced monopoly is not needed. Let's talk about free market alternatives.

If state backed currencies faced competitions with currencies treated equally, what type of currency might surpass in usage of government backed currencies? Why?

Some options,
- Another government's fiat currency, could separated into inflationary and deflationary
- Private fiat currency(Monopoly money)
- Private commodity backed currency (gold, silver, platinum, rye grain)
- Private digital payment systems (Bitcoin)
- Private debt based
- Other ideas for money or currency
A free market anti-capitalist

If it can be de-centralized, it will be de-centralized.