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oil - Investment Opportunity?

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12/14/2015 2:55:47 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Oil is freaky low. Saudi Arabia is still max producing with the intent of driving high cost oil supply down such as shale oil. There is an absolute oil glut even though production and investment is on a decline. The Canada $ tanked as a result and economies dependent upon oil production are pressured. Just the cost of renting an apartment in Midland, TX has declined significantly from the outrageous prices two years ago.

We are getting set up to make a very good return on oil as it rebounds in the number of years. The question becomes when are we at a good point to make an investment with reasonable expectations of 100% return within 4 years?

I was waiting for the past year on that question and it is now time to fully research and formulate an answer. We will build on this over the holiday's, but I would welcome all insight and opinions on the topic.