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Emotions and denial in the U.S. election

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9/2/2016 8:27:40 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Some of us were raised to believe elections should involve a rational discussion of issues and voting for the candidate which best represents our point of view.""The current U.S. election appears to ignore this tradition and be based mostly on emotion and denial.

I believe the major economic issue facing the world today is that we have used up the most easily accessible energy and mineral resources""Yes, there are lots left but they are so difficult and expensive to extract that they are probably not useful to us.""The result is that we are heading into a prolonged period of economic decline.

Lots of people recognize we are experiencing some serious economic problems although very few understand the problem or agree with the above explanation.""Too many people, especially economists and politicians believe""with the right policies we will soon return to economic growth.

From where this blogger lives, about 200 miles north of the Canada-United States border, it appears one of the candidates is basing his campaign mostly on a strong appeal to emotions, especially fear.""This is a problem as generally emotions overrule rationality.""All the rules of managing an election and predicting its results are out the window. Rational responses to outrageous statements are meaningless to those swayed be emotion.

The outcome of this election is very uncertain.""Most if not all writers have biases even if they think they are being objective.""Therefore we need to be careful in evaluating analysis of this election.""A lot of what is being written many be wishful thinking.

The other side of this election is based on denial that there is an economic problem.""They want us to have faith that she will be able to solve impossible economic problems.

This guy has written a book about how to adapt to a down economy.""(See the top of this weblog.) It will be difficult and a lot of people will have to accept a lower standard of living.""The fear is justified.

Whoever wins this election the economic problems will still be there along with all the emotions and denial.""Not a promising outlook.

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