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State of Chinese Economy

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10/4/2016 1:35:23 PM
Posted: 3 weeks ago
Just a general question regarding the state of the Chinese Economy with regards to a few problems such as:
- Very Large net outwards movement of currency in purchasing foreign luxury goods and property.
- The sustainability of it's out of control currency printing.
- Property market bubble.
- The governments power to freely manipulate and halt trading in stocks, markets such as housing as well as overnight cash market.
-Sustainability of government funded companies.
As well as some well rumored issues such as:
- Conflicts of interest and Corruption
- Increasing rumors that banks are frequently loaning out massive sums of money to private and government contractors while they "cant even pay off the principle interest of the loan"

I would also like to know how this will affect global economies.
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10/4/2016 5:11:35 PM
Posted: 3 weeks ago
For the part about the loans not being met with sufficient repayment, those aren't simply rumours. China's economy has been affected by the rising Credit-to-GDP gap, defined by the GDP and of course , the loans China provides. If the gap grows and the amount of credit isn't paying off , it means Chinese banks need to reduce loaning.
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10/8/2016 12:41:23 PM
Posted: 2 weeks ago
Wow, and to think that usually one hears only about how the Chinese economy is one of the best in the world and how it is becoming so prosperous. Like if they could no wrong. At least what one hears in general.