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In Olympic luge, it really is Germany, and ev

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3/4/2014 9:02:34 PM
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KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia (AP)</h3><br/><p>Asked a pair of easy inquiries about German luge dominance<br/>this week, U.S. Olympic slider Chris Mazdzer didn't hesitate with<br/>his answers</p><br/><p>So, how can Felix Loch be beaten at the Olympics?</p><br/><p>'He crashes,' Mazdzer mentioned.</p><br/><p>And is there a way for Natalie Geisenberger to lose?</p><br/><p>'Same actual way,' Mazdzer stated. 'Or not showing up.'</p><br/><p>There you have it. If the Germans - led by Loch and<br/>Geisenberger, who were completely dominant on the way to World Cup<br/>total titles this season - somehow do not win luge gold at the<br/>Sochi Video games, the most probable triggers would likely be either a<br/>wreck or having the team somehow forget the Olympics are<br/>happening.</p><br/><p>Sounds silly, but it truly isn't. There have been 117 medals<br/>awarded in Olympic luge to date: Germans have 70 of them, whilst the<br/>rest of the globe has 47. A nation approximately half the dimension of Texas<br/>is beyond dominant in sliding, winning more than half the medals<br/>awarded on this season's Globe Cup circuit and practically constantly<br/>shining brightest on the Olympic stage.</p><br/><p>Luge has been portion of 13 previous Olympics. Germans have led the<br/>medal count 12 instances. And they almost certainly will once more in<br/>Sochi.</p><br/><p>'Of program it gets frustrating,' mentioned Canada's Alex Gough, who<br/>was second to Geisenberger in this season's women's World Cup<br/>points standings - but hasn't beaten the German star in any of the<br/>final 23 worldwide races in which they've each competed. 'It's<br/>difficult to perform as difficult as you do and to have the Germans be as very good<br/>as they are, but that's portion of our sport and it's been that way<br/>given that as long as I can don't forget, as extended as I have been in the<br/>sport.'</p><br/><p>Gough is 26. It is been that way considering that prolonged prior to she was<br/>alive.</p><br/><p>For the longest time, Germans acquired their greatest issues from,<br/>effectively, Germans. East Germany vs. West Germany was one of the best<br/>rivalries in the sport, and when the nations unified, the divide<br/>amongst becoming the No. one and No. 2 crew in the world received<br/>considerably wider Austria, Italy, Russia and the U.S. have had<br/>some challengers to the German luge thrones from time to time, but<br/>when talking about sustained excellence, only Deutschland need<br/>apply.</p><br/><p>'I never feel they come to feel that they should win,' mentioned Georg<br/>Hackl, a German luge legend who now coaches the world's best team.<br/>'They truly feel that they can win, if they do proper. They are assured<br/>due to the fact these athletes that you see, they are physically excellent, they<br/>are good at their job and their capabilities in luge, and they complete<br/>really technically. These athletes are the consequence of a extremely huge<br/>method of ... ha, it truly is difficult to say in English ... auslese.'</p><br/><p>Loosely translated, that is the word Germans use to describe the<br/>method of deciding on the right grapes to make exceptional white<br/>wine.</p><br/><p>The procedure also performs when finding people who will deliver gold<br/>medals</p><br/><p>Germany has four international-caliber sliding tracks, a lot more than<br/>any other nation Duncan Keith Jersey. Young children are introduced to sliding at a youthful<br/>age, normally a number of years ahead of children in other countries get<br/>invited to try the sport. By the time a young slider reaches any<br/>sort of national-crew degree in Germany, he or she typically has<br/>beaten out hundreds of other challengers for the spot, so it truly is only<br/>the ideal of the greatest who then have a possibility to be the elite.</p><br/><p>'There are many causes for good results,' Geisenberger mentioned. 'In<br/>Germany, we have 4 luge tracks. Large countries like America, two.<br/>Some nations, 1 or less. That's a quite big reason. With four<br/>tracks, many far more youngsters begin luge and the leading is very substantial.<br/>We've received coaches, we have acquired supplies, no a single research or operates, we<br/>have time to train and people are the principal causes for our<br/>achievement.'</p><br/><p>So in Sochi, all eyes are on the Germans, and they savor that<br/>feeling.</p><br/><p>There have been 39 Olympic luge races Germans have medaled in<br/>36 of them. Lump the days of East and West Germany with each other, and<br/>what's now Germany has swept gold, silver and bronze on the Olympic<br/>podium ten times. It truly is not unthinkable that they could do that again<br/>this year.</p><br/><p>Then again, no one is conceding anything, both. Erin Hamlin of<br/>the U.S. is the 2009 globe champion. Another American, Kate Hansen,<br/>won a World Cup race this season - albeit 1 exactly where the best three<br/>Germans skipped the event, but a World Cup nevertheless.</p><br/><p>'Kate and I have both beat them,' Hamlin stated, when asked if<br/>Germany can lose Jonathan Toews Jersey. 'So I consider that solutions that query.'</p><br/>Relate ArticlesA306;<br/><br/><br/>