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Preparing Children for Future Life

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6/6/2014 8:06:40 AM
Posted: 4 years ago
How should children be prepared for life in the future either as an adult or even just an older child? It would seem that there are two general possibilities. Either:

a) The child's present needs are met, thus better preparing him to meet the changing needs of a later stage of life; or

b) The child's future expected needs are met such that his environment emulates the conditions of the environment he will likely be in later in life.

I go strongly with a). To give an analogy as to why, I'll quote a section of a letter written by Maria Montessori answering the question "In Montessori schools the work is chosen by the pupil himself who seeks the most interesting occupation and, therefore, the one which is most agreeable to him. How can such a preparation fit him to take his place in social life where duty imposes tasks not always pleasant, in fact often quite contrary to the personal taste?"

MM: "The spontaneous exercises which the little children do in our schools, choosing the work which they like and remaining absorbed in it for a long time, in an atmosphere of calm, fortify them, and in this way they are, although indirectly, preparing themselves for the unpleasant eventualities of their future social life. In the same way, the child who is nourished during the first year of his life on milk alone is thus preparing to be able to eat different kinds of food later on. If infants' nourishment has been such as to permit a healthy and robust physical development, then the grown man will be strong enough to digest heavy food, but not if he has been fed on heavy and unsuitable food as a child."