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Let's do my homework...I mean a maths test

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11/17/2014 1:25:11 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
With all this procrastination, on top of revision, I just have no time to do my homework :(

Let's do some maths (yay!!)
7) The equation 2x*2+kx-28+0, where k is a constant, is satisfied by the value x=-4

Completing the square:
1) Express these quadratics in completed square formes
a) x*2+6x+10
b) x*2+8x+16

a) express 3x*"+12x in the forem 3(x+p)*2-p
b) hence, or otherwise, express 3x*2+12x+5 in completed square form

*waits for response :)*
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12/6/2014 5:01:37 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Let me get this strait. You want the DDO community to just give you the answers to your math homework. Where is the consideration? Why would we want to give you the answers were no one would benefit. The reason that you get homework is to help perfect your skills in a particular subject. When something that you should have earned is freely given to you, there is no benefit. So, because many of us on the DDO community don't want to contribute to an activity that helps neither you or us, the only answer that can be given at this time is to get off of this site and go to