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We need tools to improve learn/motivation

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12/7/2014 9:53:34 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
We need to look closely at how our individual environments create for each person very different amounts of many many layers of mental work average stress that hurts thinking learning motivation to learn -mental reward received for mental work expended and our mental emotional health. We need to remove our genetic models from our schools that are creating feelings of hopelessness anxiety and many harmful escapes and deaths from drug/alcohol abuse and suicide/violence.
Major tool for all of us our average stress is made up of many layers of mental work from past present future concerns experiences and other mental work from needs, anxieties, interpersonal relations society values etc. This creates very different amounts layers of mental work for each of us with some of us working much harder to learn new information that hurts motivation. We cannot relax to lower average stress as it is made up of real mental work. When we attempt a new mental work after relaxation or meditation we only turn the faucet back on so nothing is accomplished. However, all of us can slowly begin to understand the elements of our individual environments and the weights/values we are applying to elements in our lives. We can all slowly begin to understand resolve and make changes in faulty weights values that are causing needless layers of mental work. With each more permanently removed layer of mental work from our average stress, we improve that much our thinking, learning, motivation to learn, and help maintain better mental/emotional health.
As for mental/emotional health - try to visualize an upright rectangle representing our full mental energy. Now begin at the bottom drawing in narrowly spaced horizontal lines to represent figuratively our many many layers of average stress that take away real mental energy. The space left over represents our leftover mental energy for learning new mental work and dealing with new problems. The space left over also represents our length of reflection time to think more deeply and see more long term solutions to problems. As those layers increase toward the top of the upright rectangle they create both psychological suffering and a much shorter reflection time. This creates a much more powerful need to end this psychological suffering. This makes very short term escapes such as over eating over shopping drug/alcohol abuse and suicide with violence even much more appealing in vies of the more immediate solutions to problems when higher layers reach toward the top of that rectangle.
Our present educational system is greatly responsible for many thousands of deaths each year by teaching the genetics models that foster the false beliefs in permanence in ability and hopelessness in our students. By redefining our average stress and our individual environments as creating very real different amounts or layers of mental work that take up real mental energy and hurt our thinking and learning students and adults will be able to remove from their shoulders the terrible false belief in genetics and hopelessness it creates. Students and adult will have much more respect and esteem for themselves and for others. They will have a long-term hope of developing in time many of the qualities they admire in others. This will create more esteem and hope of becoming newer better persons each day.
In addition to this wonderful variable/tool there is another very large variable/tool. We need to understand the powerful dynamics of more delicacy in the pace and intensity we use in approaching newer mental work. The false belief is that persons work better under stress only works with old mental work, not new mental work. As our pace and intensity in approaching a new mental work exceeds our immediate knowledge and experience we create much greater tension that intensifies our average stress. This makes learning newer information much more difficult.
What is worse is that the higher our average stress, which is usually in lower socioeconomic areas with even less knowledge and skills provided, creates a much higher induced improper pace and intensity in approaching a new mental work such as academics. This cuts our motivation to learn even more. I feel at least 25 percent of our average stress is created from improper pace and intensity in approaching mental work. This is why it is extremely important we use this variable/tool to help model to and teach children and adults how to approach newer academics much more slowly at first and allowing their knowledge and experience to create their pace and intensity of learning. Note this is not a permanent slowing down but a very dynamic or change in pace even to the point of simply reflecting on material at first. The little girl said, This goes here and that goes there, had the right idea. As she learns where the pieces go she will then proceed to combine that knowledge to learn other information more easily and more quickly over time. More analytically, as we develop new knowledge we are slowly erecting mental frame of knowledge and skills with only a few notches to add other information. If we exceed our present mental frame of knowledge and skills we create more mental friction and hurt our learning. As we gain more knowledge and experience our mental frames become more broad and complex able to learn more complex information more quickly over time. This is why some students appear to learn much faster than other students.
We can use these tools more simply even to model to our younger students how these variables/tools work for us. At about the fourth grade we can then begin to teach our students how they can approach their individual environments more delicately to continually change and improve their abilities and their lives.
What is extremely important is we release both parents and students at all ages from the terrible and false myth of genetics in ability and show them how our individual environments and not genetics greatly affect who we are and how we learn.
We want to create students who are much more confident and have tools to continually change and improve over time.
There is also a growing Male Crisis that is being produced by our very improper treatment of Male children from one year of infancy through adulthood. This is slowly creating a terrible imbalance in learning for boys and greatly favoring our girls who ar given much more correct treatment and care.
The belief boys should be strong is creating higher average stress that hurts learning motivation mental reward received for mental work expended and is creating much more psychological suffering. This aggressive treatment is combined with much less kind stable verbal interaction and other lacks of mental emotional social support for fear of coddling. This creates more activity for stress relief more social/emotional distance more distrust of adults/teachers much lower social vocabulary that combined with higher average stress hurts reading independently and creates much less communication and trust with adults/teachers. Another problem given boys is granting of love and honor only on condition of achievement status etc. Those boys not achieving in school are given more discipline and ridicule to make them try harder support not allowed for fear of coddling. Many boys are not achieving are seeking tid bits of love honor through sports, video games, risk taking violence. This keeps our boys in low self esteem and lower feelings of self-worth continually seeking out love and honor the essentials of self-worth.
Our girls are getting much more kind, caring, verbal interaction and other wonderful mental, emotional, social supports and skills from an early age through adulthood. This creates lower average stress lower muscle tension more ease of learning , more trust and communication with teachers and others. This is why our girls are doing much better. We need to provide our boys with the same care.