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6/10/2010 9:10:55 PM
Posted: 7 years ago

Also known as 'disevolution', it is a philosophical concept that makes a distintion between limb and feature. A limb being percise in raltion to a particular animal/creature, and feature being renown for a general ability which a species possess. An example of a limb would be an arm. An example of a feature would be the ability to lift.

Because the limb is percise and not general (as a species does not have limbs, rather features) this has become problematic for evolutionists. The evolutionary theory states that all biological life gradually evolves due to the environment over millions of years. However for life to consist of macroevolution, new limbs must evolve to produce new features, rather than just improving on the species currect and already exiting ones. For that matter, as a species as a whole does not have limbs but instead features, it is philosophically difficult to conveive how one species would evolve into another species.

Limbs are not visible since there is a consistent movement of a feature(s), the feature is always in use even when the limb is still. But when the limb is moving, the feature(s) are being used so you cannot see the limb moving rather the features. The feature(s) act like a skin covering the limb. For evolution to proceed, new features must be applied to species current limbs which already consist of features. But when a feature adapts it merely improves, and therefore new limbs must evolve to feature new feature. However limbs are subjective and percise, they are not consistent with a species as a whole, due to that a whole species cannot grow new limbs but only new features, which are formed by individual animals/creatures. And in which cannot grow new feature, because they cannot grow new limbs.