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College students

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3/2/2015 3:06:34 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
I'm back at after two years. Why? Because I am starving for some intellectual discourse. I've been at Uni for a few years now and it amazes me how dumb College Students are. Deep Thinking 101. That's a class that should be a requirement.

Also, I attend Wheaton College. Supposedly the "Harvard" of Christian schools. We're also purportedly known for hating everything.

But seriously, high-tier schools should scrap the interview process in favor of a debate. To determine if the prospective student is capable of reasoning without prevarication and regurgitating rhetoric.

It should be a civic responsibility, right up there with mowing your lawn and paying taxes, to reason out your convictions, test your axioms, apply the elenchus/Socratic method to one's self and proceed with discourse from there. Heck, people who do these things should get stickers. So I know who is worth my time.