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I'm talking about people's attitude

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3/24/2015 10:17:48 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
My friend pushed my hand away and twirled it around as if he was me when I was in my first highschool year where I thought I knew how to fight. I hate year seven, the teachers getting in personal with you is all crappy and you'll realized a certain trait everyone naturally gets. I'm talking about your humanistic teenager attitude, some brainwash themselves to think they are anti social and start gaining some disgusting mindsets and in the future. You can write like about how dumb your thinking was, let's see.

My 23 year old sister's Psychological Appeal: I told her why she observe so much and she replied "I like to observe" I would've like crashing her guts in but luckily, I'm not immoral. She has this mindset I had when I was 14 years old where I would be satisfied with my position in life. More like ignoring the emotions of everything and being ok with obstacles. She acts tough when she's mad and makes a angry but none exaggerated tone which scares me, it used to scare me. In the end, she couldn't even kick my ribs in from the side when she made a moderately aggravated face after I made fun of her mispronunciation. In truth, she's smart but to a degree where she lost her ways and ended up looking like a 14 year old anti social faggot.

My sister whose 18 very stupid logical capacity: I swear, I'm not really mad but expressing some stuff can help me a lot sometimes. I've done some pretty perilous morally stuff on the internet, sadly. My sister is smart except her mind goes in procedures with her natural thinking and creativity destroyed by highschool.

Myself: I really like rain since it feels like the sky is talking to me and makes me feel less lonely but isolated at the same time, I would watch some romance anime in my chosen location next to a window with my computer. I just wanna do some awesome things like playing airsoft (i live in australia) and playing with amazing people. Talking and socializing on the internet and pirating tv shows. Just enjoy the small but engaging things in life, I really think I should get myself together and push through highschool and hold on to some fantasies. I've grown greatly in literature actually, I couldn't write until I found a purpose in writing.

That purpose was just to feel better for myself, I want some cash now. Money money money is what I want, it pretty much gives you everything if you don't have a family you value enough. Family is damn family, you either create conflict, dedicate or GTFO in some, in mine. I nurture for my mother's hardship to make her feel better but actually, I'm doing it to make myself feel off the stress so I can grow up and get some money!

Money is what creates in this civilized and wild society. FEEL free to leave any opinion you like, I won't budge hard. Now that's off my back, I feel out of the intensity zone.