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Science Fiction a Multi-Disciplinary Tool

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5/11/2015 7:19:28 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
As we face the 21st century we have encountered a need that is I believe not being met in the education system. Science Fiction is a genre that is diverse and looks to the future. As we face new and ever evolving challenges we must teach our students to not only think but to think in new and different ways than ever before. Science fiction is a genre of literature, film, TV, video games, and many sub-cultures of our society. It is widely accepted and indeed wildly popular with people of all ages but often ignored by the educational system. Science fiction should be used as a launching point to study a diversity of subjects and to create a desire to learn in students. It could open the eyes of students everywhere to subject and interests that they have never considered before. Science fiction can be the catalyst to a lifelong interest in learning and can make the classroom somewhere you want to be not somewhere you must be. There can be no doubt that the limits for the use of Science fiction in the classroom and beyond are only found in the minds of those who create the curriculum. In a time when the average student is more interested in the games they play on their phones or computers the educators in America must seek new and out of the box ways to interest the student in their subjects. The students of now are faced with many difficult challenges and need tools to imagine and create new solutions. Science fiction can open their minds of new ways of looking at these problems. If this cannot be accomplished in the classroom it must be discovered by the individual. We must consider Science fiction is the study of change and possibilities and that only by studying these issues can we the human race move forward and improve. So open your mind, consider all the possibilities and dare to dream that which is not currently so but could be.