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How do you know ?

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8/14/2010 3:33:02 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
What's to "know" ?
I hear people say "I know it's true".or "I know your Granny wears woolly knickers", "I know the bus is due".. etc. then I watch the move "A beautiful mind" and see Russell Crowe playing the role of a man in a state of illusion acting according to what he believes to know, when indeed it's fictitious, and just product of his imagination, induced by an overactive mind buckling under the stress

Are we really capable of knowing ?, if so what are the ingredients ?,
I have my own idea but I'd rather keep it quiet for fear of adding flavour, so I'll place it in the pot and see what reaches the table

Here I am believing that I'm preparing an Opening post for a new topic, and there you are reading the finished article, but is it a product of your imagination, or is it a product of mine ? maybe we "know" it's real, but how do we know ?
I don't know a great deal on the subject of Metaphysics, but from what I do understand is,that the act "knowing" or being in a position to know, has very few concrete platforms on which to stand,
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