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School Dresscodes

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8/13/2015 11:22:51 PM
Posted: 2 years ago
Are shool dresscodes sexist, or necessary?

Honestly, they're a bit of both. Girls need to realize how special their bodies are, and that only special people deserve to see them. But schools need to stop making girls cover themselves up and punishing them for boys' behavior.
You could ask a group of teenage girls if they've ever had sexual things said to them, if they've ever been cat called, or if they've ever feared men. And most of them would say yes to all three. And most of them would tell you it doesn't matter what they're wearing, it still happens. Even at school.
If this doesn't give you any indication that schools are LETTING boys act this way; I don't know what will. Young men today are disgusting and have a lack of respect for girls. They look at us as objects and all they can think about is getting in bed with us, even at young ages. You wouldn't believe the amount of times I hear boys talking inappropriately about girls or to girls. And it doesn't matter if they have booty shorts on or baggy sweatpants.

So why are the schools making it difficult for us girls? It is already hard enough for us to find shorts that our buttcheeks don't hang out of. The fingertip rule ruins almost every girl's shopping sprees; especially girls with long, lanky limbs. And now leggings are being banned in schools across the world, along with tight jeans or sweatpants. Really anything you can see that we have boobs and a butt, is being banned. Running shorts, tank tops, skinny jeans, ect. But we're not sorry for something we can't control.

And throughout it all, we deal with it. We deal with the fact that our schools are pretending to fix the problems but nothing is being changed except what we're allowed to clothe ourselves with. We deal with the fact that we are blamed for making boys loose focus during class when we've done nothing. It would be different if we were stripping off our clothes during class and giving lap dances, but we're not. We are trying to make the day at school as comfortable for ourselves as we can, not provoke boys.