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theory of knowledge

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6/6/2016 3:12:28 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
It is our only source of what is going on in the wider world. The trouble is the only things that count as news are those that have some interest.
The tide came in at Brighton last night and then slowly receeded.
So nearly all we read is the exception rather than the rule.
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7/1/2016 7:35:20 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
At 6/4/2016 7:06:11 PM, Jadhalime wrote:
how does media affect peoples reasons and moral judgment ?

A lot of the time, particularly in today's culture, people have a tendency to base their decisions and their beliefs on whatever is popularly propagated in the media; this is not to say that they don't choose what they want to believe, but they are heavily influenced by what they are led to believe by a very complex system of what we should call systematic influence. We consider the fact that google search results are not objective, that certain news sources are of course biased towards the right or the left (at least in America today), and the way that journalism is written, it is made to make everything out to be fact, even that which is proven wrong, can be considered the Truth at one point and time. To this extent, when people are bombarded and surrounded by intense media coverage, they are bound to begin believing certain things that are professed to be the truth; for instance, that Donald Trump is an unabashed racist. Because of the way that the media cuts and paints certain parts of his speeches and his debates, they pick what they would like people to see about him; if we consider his early statements on Mexican immigration ("When they send their people, they're sending their murderers and rapists") its often left out that he was only speaking about a specific part of those who are immigrating into the country. We might even consider Kim Kardashian, who has managed to actually exist outside of the influence of the media, by being her own media. No matter how much you hate her, there is no doubting that she is beautiful, that she exudes a certain elegance, and that she is, at the very least, /interesting/ by the degree that she is supposedly famous for no reason. There are many factors to consider, but the point that I am coming to is that, people's beliefs are, more often than not, solely determined by the media that they consume (when then get into what can be defined as media, as in, do we only mean the news, or social media as well, and as an extension of social media: can we consider our friends to be "media"?)
I think I think too much.