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Something for the ladies

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3/16/2011 2:37:34 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I've decided to make money writing romantic short stories. With apologies to you North Americans for the Anglo-centric references, what do you think of my first effort?

Three Hearts of Herts

Chapter 1

Slim and attractive, twenty nine-year old Bianca Higginbottom had it all. She lived with her doting hubby in a lovely little semi on one of Stevenage's most sought-after housing estates. She had her own Daewoo Matiz parked on the driveway; a twenty-six inch HD TV with Sky Plus in the lounge and an American-style fridge in the kitchen.

She met her husband, Dave, at school and they were married at the age of eighteen, and since then Dave had progressed from a lowly shelf-stacker to become a section manager in one of North Herts' largest supermarkets. Dave's elevated position entitled him to a ten per cent staff discount on any in-store item except alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and electrical goods, so the couple wanted for virually nothing.

Indeed, Dave was an excellent provider and generous to a fault. Every August, he took Bianca on an all-inclusive, ten-day holiday on the Costa del Sol; bought her flowers on Valentine's Day; chocolates on her birthday; perfume at Christmas and every anniversary she was treated to a slap-up meal at the Harvester restaurant on the retail park just off London Road where she was allowed to choose absolutely anything off the menu up to a total value of fifteen pounds.

In short, Bianca led the life that most young woman could only dream of.

Nevertheless, Bianca felt there was something missing from her life: but she knew what would make her idyllic life absolutely complete - she realised that she could never be truly content unless she had a baby.

Now, much as Dave adored his wife, he did spend a lot of time pursuing his hobbies and his evenings and weekends were generally occupied with either amateur dramatics or male-bonding with his mates down at the local sauna.

Sadly, this meant that he was usually too tired to engage in any physical romance when he got home and, as a result, Bianca had, thus far, never been blessed with a child.

One Saturday morning in the spring, Bianca was staring wistfully through the window of Mothercare on the Monkswood Retail Park, eying the prams and baby clothes longingly, when she was startled by a deep, heavily accented voice from behind her.

"Hallo" she heard and she turned round to see a tall, powerfully-built man of Mediterranean appearance standing only inches away from her. He had deep-set eyes, swarthy skin and thick, jet-black moustache.

"Hallo" he said again, "I like you. I like your hair".

Bianca blushed, simpered and very coyly replied "Ooh! Thank you. I get it done at Toni & Guy's in the West Gate: they charge a bit more than most other salons, but I think they're worth it."

"You like coffee?" the handsome stranger responded, "I buy you coffee. Come, we go have coffee, have talk."

And so they walked across the car park to McDonald's where they spent a happy half hour chatting. Bianca learned that the man was a Turk called Mehmet and he owned the Marmaris Kebab House just off Stevenage's prestigious Market Square, drove a Mazda sports car and lived in an executive apartment in the town centre.

Bianca was enthralled by Mehmet's company and hugely impressed by his physical prowess so she willingly accepted an invitation to meet him at the J D Wetherspoon pub on the High Street that evening.

Since Dave was due to be out rehearsing the local amateur dramatic society's production of ‘The Sound of Music' until late that evening, she had no need to explain her absence from home and so she was able to enjoy a drink or two without worrying about having to answer any awkward from her husband.

Bianca drunk more that night than she could ever remember doing before, blissfully basking in her new friend's attention and when, an hour and a half after they arrived, Mehmet asked her if she would like to see the view from his flat she was more than happy to agree.

Mehmet's flat had been newly built to high specification by Barratt Homes and was sumptuously appointed with white a leather-style three-piece suite, recessed lighting and teak-effect vinyl flooring, but the property's pièce de résistance was the balcony which provided spectacular views across the Matalan car park to the Stevenage Borough Council offices and the West Gate Shopping Centre beyond.

Bianca was mesmerised, she had never imagined that anyone lived in such luxury, at least not outside Beverley Hills, and as she gazed dreamily across Stevenage's vibrant town centre, Mehmet glided up behind her, folded his strong arms around her nubile body and gently kissed her neck.

Bianca melted in his arms, and as one of his hands drifted down into her jeans while the other went up inside her t-shirt, she began to quiver with excitement and anticipation.

"Get your fvcking keks down, darling" Mehmet breathed passionately into her ear, and by time Bianca had ripped the last of her clothing off, Mehmet had also undressed and was standing before her with his eight inches standing to attention, ready for action.

Manfully, Mehmet grabbed Bianca, bent her over the dining table and, as he smashed her back doors in, Bianca groaned with unbridled pleasure.

Sexual gratification was the one thing Dave and never been able to provide her with and as Mehmet relentlessly pumped away inside her, Bianca remembered that it was the week before she went on her rags and there would be no better time than then to conceive.
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