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Michael Jackson - The King

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4/22/2011 2:44:02 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
People think there are "stars" nowadays. There is only one star of the stars, and that is Michael Jackson. MJ was the original world star. To pop, he was what Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice, William Shakespeare, Plato, or Albert Einstein were to their disciplines: simply not worth putting with the other pros. His life in the nineties and noughts was a stark difference from his spectacular early life (the success of which almost surely sealed his fate), and most people remember him on that note.

How many of you remember the *event* it was when thriller came out? It was comparable to the Super Bowl in hype.

Video 1: Jackson at his peak. The women in this video would hurl themselves from a cliff if Jackson so beckoned. I get goosebumps when I watch this... Billie Jean has the most danceable beat in history and Jackson works it for every penny. This is not just Jackson at its peak, but the entire pop music industry. Everything since is but a footnote.

Video 2: Jackson starts slipping over the deep end. His video "Black or White" is confusing (for painfully obvious reasons) and is a new feel-good style which is just cheesey (this video is kind of a teaser trailer for it, which I didn't link because it sucks royally).

Video 3: In Living Color, a show which cut its teeth on destroying cheesey 80s figures (Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer were also victims), puts the bullet in MJ's skull. Jackson becomes a complete joke and only continues to spiral until his peculiar death which, at that point, was the only dignifying thing left for the man to do. Whether it was a heart attack or a broken heart he died of we will never know.