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In Time

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11/2/2011 12:25:22 AM
Posted: 6 years ago
Anyone seen this movie yet? I'm wanting to get some opinion before I go see it.

Its supposedly about a near-future in which the aging gene has been turned off. But to counter overpopulation, people only live to age 26 until they die. To stay alive, people have to get more Time, which is constantly ticking down on a display on their arms. Time is essentially the currency instead of money. People go to work to make time, pay bills with time, buy stuff with time, etc. The rich essentially live forever as they have near infinite time, and the poor apparently struggle just to make enough hours to last the day.

Seems interesting enough, but RottenTomatoes only gave it a 36%. Of course, I've seen plenty of good movies that RT didn't like, so thats hardly an indicator. I figured I'd ask here.