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BDZ or Naruto for story

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3/31/2012 1:56:26 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
At 3/30/2012 1:52:40 PM, DragonX wrote:
I would have to say Naruto even though I think DBZ would win in a fight.
I can name plenty of secnerios.

In DBZ the garlic Jr. saga garlic actually told piccolo the source of his which was the only reason why it was destroyed. Goku actually told frieza that the everybody transported to Earth & then frieza locked on the spaceship to head towards there & found it easily. Gotenks actually told Super Buu that he only 30 minutes to defuse which was not a wise choice.

In Naruto however there have been numerous senerios where they Ninjas actually had to find information to know about the enimies whereabouts.

Lets start with Zabuza shall we if you check when after he fought kakashi sensei the 1st both of them had to figure out 1 thing about the other. Kakashi had enough brains
not to tell him that his sharigan was able to copy movements of an opponets Justu & even when Zabuza found that out Kakashi never told Zabuza the full extent of the kekai genkai (sorry if I spelled that wrong).

true there were some points where the villans did give them the info but there where not as an imprortant give away.

DBZ: Gotenks telling Super Buu that he only had 30 minutes to defuse.

Naruto: Zabuza teling Natuo,Saskue Kakashi, Sakura & the farmer who was the witness against gato that he had to kill his opponents to pass.

DBZ: Goku telling Frieza that everyone was sent to earth.

Naruto: When Naruto Kakashi & Sakura were looking for Saskue on of the people on Orochimaru sides said that orochimaru couldn't eat Saskue until he was 15 but that person was being controlled by orochimaru.

DBZ: Garlic Jr. telling Piccolo that the Makio star( sorry if I spelled that wrong) was the source of his power.

Sasori telling that he created the puppets but not telling him the secrets of hiriku of the fact that he can change bodies or even the fact that he had thousands of puppets in his control

have fun continuing this here.
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