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IPhone Apps

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7/10/2012 9:52:03 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
Anyone else with an IPhone, what are some of your favorite apps? The top five on my phone now are:

1) Battle for Wesnoth(Epic Turn-Based Strategy)
2) Civilization Revolution
3) Rebuild(turn-based zombie survival game)
4) Stumbleupon
5) Tiger Woods '12

All excellent apps, Dungeon Defenders would've been on this list awhile ago, but lost interest after a few months. I consistently use these apps on a regular basis though.
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7/10/2012 10:45:35 PM
Posted: 5 years ago
Rebuild? I played that on PC once. Bored me after a while.
I roll with Ghost Trick and Fruit Ninja as my favorites.
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