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Sept/Oct LD Resolution

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8/27/2009 10:04:52 PM
Posted: 8 years ago
Hey all LD'ers.

I made this post so that we can discuss the aforementioned topic without wasting space in the main forum.

To answer some FAQ's for the n0obs posting in the DDO category:

"What cards would you reccomend?"
Victory Briefs is a very commonly bought, but most certainly not top-quality briefs. I reccomend Planet Debate (Mihn Long from Harvard) and (though not preferable over PD) Big Sky.

"What ideas do you have for NEG?"
I have written three NEG cases, one generic, one generic trap, and one extreme advocacy. On both sides of this resolution, be creative (but also careful) and push the framework of LD to it's limits with Advocacy here, (much like Policy PT's) since I see those being the winners here.

"What tournaments are you going to?"
For Sept/Oct, I will only be attending St. Marks and some local AZ tournies. Please post your National, (hell, even local) tournament schedule in the comments, so we can discuss this as well.

Anyway, I'm here to help NLD'ers and brainstorm (though often HELP as well) with the VLD'ers. Post freely.
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